Ever since I first got the email alerting me what this week’s theme for the Photo Hunt was going to be (FAMILY), I’ve been going through photos from various stages of my life, trying to find the perfect picture that exemplifies what family means to me.  There are tons of pictures from my childhood, showing pictures of me and my parents, siblings, and grandparents.  Then there are the pictures of me and Mr. Dragyn, dating.  Our wedding.  The births of our SOCs.  Pictures of our family as it is now. Pictures with friends so close, they feel like family!  So many decisions!

Finally, I decided that I would do 2 pictures.  One of the 4 SOCs after the 4th was born in 2005:

And a more recent picture of them:

I hope that you enjoy this week’s Photo Hunt theme of FAMILY by yours truly.  Please go to TNChick’s page for more participants in this week’s Photo Hunt!