Kids grow up too quickly.  I don’t just mean by societal standards or anything.  I mean physically!  Look at my kids.  The oldest is 13 going on 21. The time from when she was an infant to teen seemed to fly. Next year she starts high school. My baby! In high school! I know this the natural order but this has caught me almost unaware. She really is a great girl, but has entered the teen years with a vengeance! Where has my baby gone? I look at this tall child before me and catch glimpses of that baby, but more and more, I see the woman she’s becoming.

The middle two are 8 & 6, almost 7. Both are in elementary school and, once again I can remember them as babies. Like their older sister, I see glimpses of the babies they once were but more and more, I see them growing daily. While I rejoice in watching them grow, it also makes me wonder were the time has gone.

My youngest is 3, almost 4, years old. Her independence is almost terrifying to watch, as she tries to do everything her older sisters do. At the same time, she is most definitely my baby, something I’m loath to give up. I know that I must, but its yet another measurement of time marching on.

The truth is that I love the fact that my 4 girls are growing as they are. I am tremendously proud of all of them, both as individuals and as sisters. I wouldn’t trade any one of them for any one or thing. I just want to enjoy the years that I have as their mother. They are wonderful children. And I am so glad to be their mother.