Cancer can strike anyone.  It does not discriminate.  It is all inclusive of race, age, and gender.

This insidious disease has struck my family many times over.  I stand up for my family, those who are still with us (and fighting) and those who lost the battle.  I stand up for my children, who have seen loved ones face this disease head on.  I stand for my husband, who has watched beloved family members and dear friends crumble under the debilitating effects of cancer and its treatments.  I stand for my father, who was diagnosed with cancer in the 1970s and again with prostrate cancer in 2003, who is still standing strong.  I stand for the millions of men, women, and children who have been struck by cancer.

We will find a cure for cancer.  Of that I have no doubt.  The only question is how quickly we find that cure.

Please, be a part of the cure.  Donate so that it can sooner rather than later!

Stand Up 2 Cancer